Mark Master

In the Mark Master Degree the allegory teaches about a Keystone which was found, whose purpose and design, while recognized as beautiful, were unknown to the overseers of the work, and caused it to be consequently thrown among the rubbish of the Temple.

I have been thinking about the character of the Overseers: They were innocent in thier ignorance. They were doing exactly what they had been told, and it was their chief duty to make sure that only work of the approved design (square) would be accepted. Metaphorically, this could be an important lesson if we ever find ourselves in the position of the Keystone.

If we find ourselves to be thrown among the rubbish in a particular group or organization, instead of feeling negative towards the people who did the throwing out we should first determine whether or not they are following orders. If they are, be patient with them: They may come back to search for and reclaim you once they learn your true value.

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