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There are many symbols to be explored once a man is accepted a Knight Templar, a member of the chain of descendants from the Templars’ secret Brotherhood. The Templar Cross, the “Croix Rose” or Red Cross, is widely used and originally called Rose Croix (grammatically incorrect in modern French). All four extremities are the same size which is a Gnostic symbol for balance. The symbol of the rose is also used, which for the Brotherhood meant the Christ consciousness. In old French, the color red was called “rose,” also the name of the flower, which makes the name of the Templar cross and why it was red, code for the Christ consciousness. Gnostics believed that this was a state every person could achieve.

The Christ consciousness was the perfect state of balance, which they termed Beauseant, literally “be whole,” in the Lingua Franca, the old french the Templars spoke. This term is presently widely used by Masons. The other symbol of balance is the Seal of Solomon, “as above, so below”. This means the achieving the balance of life within us. The Gnostic faith balances the female aspect of God, Sophia, with the male, Christ; which we will all embody at some point when we reach Beauseant is symbolized by the Templars’ flag, black and white stripes of equal size, and used as the banner of the Knight Templar.

Local Commanderies are governed by the Grand Commandery of each jurisdiction, and they in turn by the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the U.S.A. In the Commandery, the levels are called “orders” rather than degrees and there are three Chivalric Orders of Christian Knighthood:

The Illustrious Order of the Red Cross is founded upon Truth – a divine attribute, the foundation of every virtue. The value of truth is expounded upon in this Order.

The Knights of Malta were first known as Knights Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem and are known to have been in existence as early as 1099 A.D. It was the first organized body whose avowed purpose was the aid and care of those injured on a battlefield. The teaching of Christian applications of Masonic precepts begins with this Order. You must be a Christian to take this Order and the following Order of the Temple.

The Order of the Temple is the crowning glory of York Rite Masonry. It is widely regarded as the most solemn and impressive experience in Masonry. Here the aspirant progresses through the stages of a Pilgrim in the Holy Land, to being a Penitent in the Holy Land – in his efforts to claim the title of Knight Templar and be accepted as a member of this magnanimous order.

While Freemasonry demands only a belief in a monotheistic deity, where all may worship together around its altars, the Templar degrees are specifically Christian, and the Freemason who pursues these degrees, has the luxury of a branch of the fraternity where he is free to interpret the teachings of Freemasonry according to his Christian religious belief.

The Masonic Orders of Christian Knighthood are the logical outcome of the Christian Mason’s belief in Christ – as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. The Christian Mason believes that Christ will return one day and raise the dead to life, and in His Holy Name the True Word is found and restored at last.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”.

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